7 Effective Tips to Create Powerful Branding

7 Effective Tips to Create Powerful Branding

Unsure of what branding is ?? Do not worry!!

If I were to talk in Layman’s term, about what is branding, it may sound a bit vague and quite confusing to someone who has even studied marketing. I know, I know we ain’t mocking you, just give us some time to explain and keep on reading!!

In order to know the concept of branding, we need to look at two things, the first being the - product and second being’s it’s brand.

So let’s get going.

A)Product Definition :

In simple terms, a product is anything that could be offered to the market to satisfy “a need”. Now that can be anything right from flights, food, clothes, hotels, and even a freaking tooth-brush etc.

B)Branding :

To illustrate the definition of that product and the role it plays in the market is what we call branding.

Still not sure? Okay let me explain it to you with an example:

Let’s take water. Now, we all know that water is a free source and it’s essential for every human being to function and live. Yet, it became a product when multi-national companies started to commercialize it, by selling it in glass and plastic bottles.

But it’s properties remain the same, like it’s liquid and transparent. it always looks the same from every bottle or brand.

Now the question is, How come these multi-national companies sell the same product and yet make a mark to convince people to buy from them rather than their competitors?

The answer is : They create a "Brand".

Now, a brand is not just a concept but it goes beyond than creating an image of a brand name on a product or some service they offer, it informs the buyer about the company’s reputation and makes him trust that this quality of product or service is unequal like no one match this level.

See, people have a mentality on - which type of products they want to buy, now they will be more likely to buy products from a brand name which has infused their type of personality.

Like when we go to the shop to buy shoes, we have some expectation like someone is looking for the lightweight shoes, someone is looking for stylish or funky, while someone has a fetish for the sturdiness in those shoes, makes them feel more powerful or something.

Therefore not only physical features but also the feelings that buyers develop towards a certain product creates a brand.

Thus even while having a conversation if a certain brand name pops up, this triggers the physical as well as the emotional connection you have in terms of its logo our name or services they offers.

This is what we call branding.

"Branding" Definition:

It’s a process of giving significance to an organization or a company or even to a product by creating a brand’s image in the buyer’s mind.

Basically, it’s a strategy designed by the organization to help cater the people through its experience, by giving a reason as to why the product should be chosen over its competitors and to clarify what does this specific brand stands for in the market.

The objective is very simple: attract new people and make most of the market over loyal customers by giving them a service and a product which truly aligns with what the brand promised.

How To Do Powerful Branding?

This is something which is asked by many like people want to know, that how did these multinational companies manage to break ground in this big market and make a name for themselves.

We know that for a newcomer or a person who even thinks of starting a new business, has to face a lot of difficulties. But don't worry, we studied to know about these companies which made a fortune and by powerful branding for their business also made a name in this market.

Today we are not only going to tell you, what are these tricks but also how to use them in real life and build your brand and what is the importance of branding for your business.

Check out these 7 effective branding tips which help to create a powerful brand.

A) What Exactly Do You Want To Be Known For:

This is something we should ask ourselves - what do we want our reputation to be? what is there that makes my brand stand out? What is so compelling about your brand? What type of niche do we carry in our brand? and how relevant are you going to sell your product to?

It’s very important today to cure rate ourselves to understand our brand, our idea and our taste.

Because in the end, it will matter and gives your business results by putting your brand name in the market.

B) Quality Of Work:

It’s very important to know what quality of work do you put and what does it say about you!

Because your brand reputation is going to be based on a relationship with your customers.

This directly comes from experiences of people, like were you able to deliver your product to them in time? that will change how people feel and speak about you.

It also depends on what type of service are you providing - are you creating a unique value for them to buy at your store? are you creating a superior experience for people who buy your product? and even so brings new engagement?

This could be done in different ways to make your brand powerful. Sending a note with the product to let your customers know how special they are to you and you know the value of their presence.

Quality of work speaks to the work ethic of the company, their value and their commitment to the craft.

C) Being Refreshingly Real and Discoverable:

If you decide that you don’t want to be real and discoverable, you might as well consider that this world has no internet or Google or Pinterest.

Because in today’s world these are called "Access points". For people, who ain’t have any context on who you are or what you stand for and what your brand is? you need to focus on what happens when people do a Google search on you. This is very important.

Now let’s also talk about being refreshingly real, what do we mean by this? It simply means that you need to be more realistic about your brand.

like for eg. putting a story section on your website, which tells us about who you are and how did brand has grown with the help of customers/clients and what were your experiences? this will help you to engage with your customers on a different level of openness.

Always remember, you don’t need to put up a professional voice all you need friendliness concept.

You don’t need to hide who you are because this is going to bring more engagement to your website or company.

Now one last thing, check that after how many hoop jumps, people are actually getting the chance to connect with you because that is going to be part of their experience and we don't want to upset our brand customers. Right?

D) Business Branding: Online Marketing Platforms:

We studied a bunch of people who were just getting started with their new businesses and we asked them a few questions about the brand.

How are they branding themselves on social media or how many active platforms are they using to do it? and

70% of them don't want to be on any of it or just wanted to focus on one platform at a time. The reason is that they are not among those people who post, comment, share on a daily basis just wanted to focus more on products or brand website.

See here’s the thing, your brand should have online presence over at least 2 platforms.

"Consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%" (Source)

We’ll explain how easy it is going to be for you to do it!! So, read the full article!!

Think of these platforms as macro and microsystems.

  1. Macro - purely content-based
  2. Micro - more based on bringing engagement, communications.

For i.e: 

  1. Macro - YouTube - content based
  2. Micro - LinkedIn - professional engagement
  3. Outlet - Twitter/Instagram - communication.

E) Consistency and Trust:

CONSISTENCY is based on a presentation or the way the product is presented. What values your company stands for, what characters does your company product has, and are you able to with hold your own standards? These all are matters.

It’s really cool to see that some (X) website/company has a clean record of always being upheld to the level of standardization that the company provides, no matter what.

And since your brand has consistency in work, you put attention to detail of your customer's demands.

Your brand definitely earn their reliability and that increases the number of buyers and also puts your name as Trustworthy.

now, what is trust? TRUST can be earned if your company has a transparent system, like a story which can read by your customers to trust you more.

Because we are more likely to buy from someone we know and trust over a complete stranger of a company.

F) Act in a Thoughtful Manner:

As representatives are the image of powerful branding, you are putting reputation on the line if you don't act as a professional.

Sometimes the way you talk, the way you carry yourself is the only thing that people are going to see in your brand. So always act carefully.

I have heard people say that contents are made for audiences but I say differently,

“Contents should only be made for intended audiences”

You are not there for the people, you have won over with your brand services, but you are there for the people who are yet to discover you or reach you. Basically, this step is called EXPANDING.

So always act carefully in front of people/customers/clients. Be Real, Not Cocky.

G) Sell Your Sales:

One of the most important thing that any new business catering company or a person should learn :

That to be never afraid to ask your customers to buy your products.

Like for eg.

If I were the owner of some clothing store with a website, my website would simply have this tag line which says,

“ Come, Say Hey and Experience the Lifestyle."

See this statement of mine is out there, it’s very straightforward and at the same time, it’s not too pushy.

These are the 7 effective tips on how to do powerful branding, hope it helps you and your business.

This year is going to be anticipated tremendous growth in technology as well as branding and how digital marketing is going to take over the world.

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